THESE eagle-eyed pupils have been taking a walk on the wild side by looking out for birds as part of the RSPB’s Big Schools Birdwatch.

Reception class students at Wheatley Lane Methodist Primary School have had their binoculars at the ready to catch a glimpse of blackbirds, house sparrows and robins.

Sarah Brown, reception class teacher, said: “They have been going out and observing birds and also learning about ones that are native to Britain.

“They have been looking at different patterns on the backs and also trying to recognise them from books.”

The RSPB Big Schools Birdwatch – which takes place during the first half of the spring term (2 January-23 February) – is a chance for children to put down their books and get outside to experience and learn about the nature that lives in their local community. The Birdwatch involves children spending an hour watching and counting the birds that visit their outdoor space, before sending the results to the RSPB.

Ms Brown added: “We are quite fortunate to have some large fields and the kids can go outside.

“They have loved it, even getting excited when they see a pigeon.

“They love to get the binoculars out and get outside and that increases their learning.

“We also have an outside play area at the bottom of our fields and have seen many different types of birds.

“It has been good for them to be learning about the change of the seasons and what birds do during this weather and what we can do for them.

“We are looking to make some bird feeders out of old cardboard cartons and then also suet feeders and we are looking to put them on a washing line for the kids to look at.

“If we can keep them quiet enough we will also be thinking about putting a bird hide so they can go to watch them.”

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