A FORMER deputy headteacher allegedly sexually abused 25 girls and rubbed dog mess on the nose of a boy, a jury has been told.

Preston Crown Court heard how 70-year-old Grahame Brennand, who taught at St John’s Primary School, Baxenden, allegedly committed the majority of his crimes while teaching.

Prosecuting, Robert Golinski said it is the Crown’s case that Brennand ‘took advantage of his position in teaching’ to sexually and physically abuse his alleged victims. 

The court heard how he would allegedly kiss girls, tell them to sit on his knee, rub himself up against them and touched their thighs. He also wore loose-fitting sports clothing while in the classroom.

Mr Golinski said: “The prosecution say this sexual touching was at times almost routine and that it was serious.

“What will emerge from that evidence is the clear pattern of very similar behaviour by this defendant over a number of years. Although he denies these allegations, in truth he has no real answer to them. They have not just come out of nothing.”

The alleged offences took place over three decades and also involved cruelty against two boys.

Describing Brennand as ‘domineering’, ‘arrogant’ and a ‘disciplinarian’ Mr Golinski told the jury how the defendant is said to have locked one male pupil in a store room and rubbed dog mess in another’s nose. He is also said to have dangled a boy on a coat hook by his clothes and forced him to stand next to a radiator for an hour at a time.

Defending, Jacob Dyer said his client admitted to being a ‘strict’ teacher’ who used ‘reasonable chastisement in the days when it was allowed in schools’ and would smack children on the legs. But he said his client denied any inappropriate sexual behaviour.

Mr Dyer said: “The defendant denies all these allegations.

“Many of the complainants know each other and the defence contend there have been discussions between them about the defendant. They have also been influenced by things they have heard from outside or in the press about the defendant.”

Brennand, of Calder Avenue, Preston, pleaded not guilty to 48 counts of indecent assault and four of cruelty to a person under 16.
The trial is expected to last six weeks.