A 25-year-old man punched another man in a takeaway because he was abusing him and his girlfriend.

Blackburn magistrates heard when Luke Daniel Donoghue left the shop, he was followed by the other man who made further comments and took his coat off before throwing a punch.

Donoghue responded by hitting him with a glass in his hand.

Donoghue, of Thorn Bank, Bacup, pleaded guilty to assaulting James Hagans, causing him actual bodily harm.

He was remanded on bail until January 12 for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Alex Mann, prosecuting, said Donoghue was holding a glass when he hit the other man outside the takeaway and a wound was caused to the back of his head.

"There is no history between the two and alcohol was a player," said Mrs Mann.

Khalid Bashir, defending Donoghue, said the initial aggression had come from the other man.

He had been abusive inside the takeaway and Donoghue had punched him because he thought he was going to punch his girlfriend.

"He says the aggrieved followed him out, still abusing him, and took his coat off to fight," said Mr Bashir.

"He accepts he hit him with a glass in his hand but the glass did not break."