A 70-YEAR-OLD mum who was constantly harassed by her drug addict son told police she felt her life was no longer her own.

Blackburn magistrates heard the latest breaches of restraining and non-molestation orders came within days of Darren Alfred Atkin being released from prison.

He had served time in jail after a judge found him guilty of similar breaches.

Atkin, 38, of Edgeside Lane, Waterfoot, pleaded guilty to two breaches of a non-molestation order and two breaches of a restraining order in favour of Joan Atkin.

He was jailed for 16 weeks.

Parveen Akhtar, prosecuting, said Mrs Atkin said over the years she had tried to help her son as much as possible. She said he had a severe drug problem and repeatedly pestered her for money.

“Several orders had been made to prevent him harassing his mum and he has breached them all,” said Miss Akhtar. “He recently came out of prison for breaching an order and he has still carried on.”

Miss Akhtar said on the latest occasion Atkin had called his mum at 9am. He told her he was sorry, that he was clean and could he borrow £2.

“She told him not to contact her or come to her address but later the same day she was watching TV when he started banging on the window,” said Miss Akhtar. “She told him to go away or she would call the police. He asked her to lend him £6 and at that point she called the police.”

Mrs Atkin said she sat in her home with the curtains closed fearing he would come up and pester her for money.

Jonathan Taylor, defending, said Atkin missed his mum and their relationship.

“He sometimes finds it difficult to accept he can’t have contact with his mum,” said Mr Taylor. “It is only natural for someone with problems to turn to their immediate family for help.”

Mr Taylor said his client didn’t accept there had been drug problems since his release from prison.

“He says he needed money for food and electricity,” said Mr Taylor.