SHIVERING away with a tin of de-icer in hand, defrosting your car has to be one of the least enjoyable tasks of winter.

But it is also one of the most important if you are heading out on the road.

With temperatures as low as -4 degrees in Lancashire last night and thick snow frozen onto windscreens it is taking much longer for drivers to clear their windscreens.

The AA advises drivers to give themselves more time on frosty mornings to de-ice all the windows using a scraper rather than leaving the engine running and risk having the car stolen.

They also warn that leaving the car running unattended could not only result in the car being stolen but the insurance is likely to be invalidated and it could be against the law.

Met Office yellow weather warning of ice for Lancashire

Here are the AA's top 10 tips for a clear winter view:

  • A scraper and de-icer on the outside of your car are still most effective.
  • In the car starting the engine, switching on heated rear screen and mirrors and allowing air-conditioned air to circulate to gently warm the glass is the most effective way to clear frosted glass.
  • Stay with the car all the time - if you must go back indoors switch off and lock the car.
  • Do not drive off until all of the glass is clear.
  • Remember not to leave wipers in 'auto' when frost is expected - if wipers are frozen to the glass the wiper motor could be damaged.  Don’t try to force frozen wipers off the glass.
  • Never use just-boiled water to clear glass – it could crack the glass, freezes quickly and could ice your wipers to the glass.
  • Clear all snow off the car, a soft brush is effective – making sure the front grille is clear (otherwise there is risk of the engine overheating).  Make sure lights are clean and working.
  • Air conditioning isn't only for summer - it will help to dry the air and keep cold glass mist free.
  • Don’t use your hands to wipe misted-up windows – you'll leave greasy smears and a diamond ring could scratch the glass.  Use a lint-free absorbent cloth if necessary.
  • Planning ahead and using a simple plastic windscreen cover the night before can save a lot of time clearing glass when frost or freezing temperatures are forecast.

WARNING: How not to de-ice your car

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Edmund King, president of the AA, points out: "Keys really are the weakest link in the car security chain, and you should treat them like cash. Leaving your car unattended with the engine running is just offering thieves an early Christmas present. We see cases of ‘frosting’ every year but the current extreme low temperatures may tempt more drivers to leave the car running. It really can be a case of ‘gone in 60 seconds’ if the car is left running.

”Our patrols have also spotted a few ‘tank commanders’ this year – drivers peering out of a small section of windscreen that has been defrosted. This is not only dangerous but illegal.

“Many of the roads out there are horrendous today due to the extreme icy conditions so drivers need to adapt their driving style, slow down and keep a much greater distance.”

Yesterday, the AA received 25,000 calls to our breakdown line which is a record for this year so patrols were out in full force.