A NEW town-centre bar has banned drinkers wearing a clothes brand to try to curb alcohol-fuelled violence.

Blackburn’s new Bees Knees bar, in Lord Street West, said it is turning pub-goers away from its doors if they wear the Stone Island brand.

The high-end Italian clothing brand has become synonymous with football hooliganism from the mid 1990s, with the make appearing in films such as Green Street and Hooligans.

Phillip James, who works at Bees Knees said on Facebook that Stone Island is ‘just a football kit for hooligans’.

He said: “Been fun trying to explain to people in Blackburn over the last week... Stone Island isn’t cool or trendy any more.

"It’s just a football kit for hooligans with nothing better to spend £500 on, take your badges off or you’re not coming in."

Matt Andrew, landlord of the sports and music venue, said their policy from the start has always been a smart, casual dress code.

He said: “This means no tracksuits, no jogging bottoms, smart trainers and no hooded jackets.

“So any clothing that could possibly incite violence is banned, including Stone Island, which has become associated with football hooliganism in England.

“We do get a lot of this type of clothing, especially after Blackburn play, as you get people coming in from the games.

“But if people take the badges off showing the Stone Island brand, they’ll be allowed in.

“The dress code applies after 7pm, mainly on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.”

James Lee Newton. of the Blackburn Nightlife group, backed the ban and said that people should ‘make an effort’ on a night out.

He said: “Stone Island is a more casual day-to-day sports wear.

“When you go on a night out though, it’s about making an effort if you go to a nice restaurant or a venue such as Bees Knees.

“Stone Island is an expensive brand but people can still wear their clothing providing the tags aren’t on their shoulder.

“We just want to encourage people to be clean, tidy and smart when they’re going out.

“It’s not about stereotyping and saying that all mean people who wear Stone Island are bad people or football hooligans."