A FAST-GROWING artisan gin distillery has had one of its tipples chosen as the UK's Craft Gin Club 'Gin of the month'.

Around 20,000 of Batch Brew's 'Frankincense and Myrrh' were shipped to the club's members across the UK.

The distillery's seasonal edition of premium gin will also fill the shelves of shops and wholesalers across East Lancashire.

Claire Plowes, operations manager at the Habergham Mill-based distillery, said she was absolutely delighted the gin was chosen.

She said: "It's fantastic the gin has been picked, we were secretly told earlier this year and have spent many hard months getting the massive 20,000 bottle order ready for the club's members.

"It's been such a big order for us but it means our gin is getting out there all across the country.

"It's amazing how we've grown in the past three years, we've gone from the basement in a house to a big warehouse which is full of hardworking people.

"Gin has become extremely popular in recent years and it is fast growing to rival other spirits."

The distillery's gins are sold across East Lancashire, including Whalley Wine Shop and the large supermarket chain, Booths, as well as several bars and restaurants across the county.

It has already gained regional and international recognition after winning the Silver Medal Award at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Phil Whitwell, director at Batch Brew Ltd, said: "We are delighted the Craft Gin Club chose Batch Brew to supply their December ‘Gin of the Month’.

"Thousands of Craft Gin Club members will receive a delicious bottle of our specialist gin this December.

"I’m sure it will add that special touch to their Christmas.

"The spicy fragrance of frankincense and myrrh will be the first aromas club members will pick up on.

"It’s so unusual, making the Batch Premium gin an ideal gin for Christmas.

"With the added subtle notes of cardamom and cloves, Batch Premium then settles into a juniper backbone and we can’t wait to get feedback from all the club members.