CONTROVERSIAL plans to build more than fifty homes have come under fire.

Proposals have been submitted to Pendle Council to build 54 houses on land off Clitheroe Road in Brierfield.

But nearby residents have objected to the proposed development which would lie to the south of Wood Clough Platts and Quakers View housing estates.

They are concerned about increased traffic, nose pollution, security issues and destruction of wildlife.

Marcus Kingsbury, who has lived on Quakers View for more than a decade, said the development would have a ‘detrimental effect’ on both estates.

He said: “Having lived on Quakers view for over ten years I have noticed the increase in traffic on Clitheroe road due to a number of recent developments.

“Currently accessing and exiting Quakers view is getting hazardous with traffic leaving nearby recently built dwellings.

“As per other comments both Quakers view and Wood Clough Platts roads are not designed for the volumes of traffic that would be expected during construction with large volumes of heavy plant needing to access the site.”

Graham Kelly, of Wood Clough Platts, said: “This area has no facilities for young children and therefore an influx of 54 new family homes will only see an increase in the number of young children being put at risk from a substantial increase in traffic and car pollution as they have nowhere to play except the street.

“Clitheroe road is already a dangerous road to cross for young children due to its width and busy nature therefore a severe increase in traffic will only exacerbate this situation.

“Cuckstool lane would see an increase in traffic and as this is a single lane road in parts it would put more drivers

at risk especially in inclement weather.

“Noise pollution will be greatly increased with late night traffic and increased pedestrian activity .Security issues will arise from an increased footfall in the area.”

Andy Fewings, of the Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale Green Party, said: "We would be opposed to the development, as we would prefer to see empty properties done up and turned into homes.

"I also feel there isn't a demand or need for more homes in Brierfield."

In planning documents on behalf of the applicant Cross Construction, Burnley-based Avalon Town Planning Ltd, said the development would bring early implementation to meet the ‘urgent housing need’ in the area.

They said: “It is a suitable and sustainable location for the development proposed and in the circumstances this statement identifies, planning permission should be granted”.