RESIDENTS have called on highways bosses to visit their estate and look at the potholes that have been plaguing their estate for more than a decade.

Householders in Billington Garden said they want to see improvements made to the estate’s roads after the crumbling surface caused damage to people’s cars and almost injured people.

According to one resident, there are more than 10 potholes on the estate, which is made up of 80 houses.

Zander Sumner, 35, who has lived in on the estate for 12 years, said: “It’s horrendous. It has been like this for 12 years.

“I keep thinking the council will do some improvements on this road. I mean we pay enough council tax.

“I have damaged my car with these potholes.

“We are not asking for much, just a decent road surface.

‘Everywhere else in the Ribble Valley has had been given large investment but it seems Billington gets left behind all the time and this issue has been going on for too long.

“There are 80 houses on the estate and the council can’t be bothered to repair it.

“It’s a mess.”

Cllr Ged Mirfin, who represents the area, said: “It’s an issue particularly for estates located just off the main highway.

“It would help if there was a plan of action to resurface the roads on the estates.

“Myself and County Cllr Alan Schofield will do an inspection visit to see the pothole problem in person.

“Roads are a big issue for both us of us and once we become aware of a problem we will raise the issue to County Hall immediately.

“Having seen the photos and heard what the residents have said about the issue of potholes in Billington Gardens it seems like it merits work.”

A Lancashire County Council spokesman said: “We survey every road in Lancashire once a year and compare their condition to consider which are most in need of maintenance in each year’s programme.

“Billington Gardens is being considered for a patching and surface dressing treatment in the future.

“In the meantime we will carry out any repairs which are needed to ensure safety.”