FANS are calling for help to set up an Accrington Stanley Football Club historical group to preserve historic items for future generations.

Lifelong Stanley fan Rob Russell is looking to set up a group which would collect and showcase club memorabilia and provide a compilation of statistics.

The 40-year-old from Church said there are currently numerous sources for statistics which do not correspond with each other, so he wants to create a ‘definitive go-to source’.

He also wants historic shirts, badges, scarves and other memorabilia to be saved for fans to enjoy.

Mr Russell said: “It frustrates the heck out of me when certain things become available on the market and end up going overseas to private collectors.

“We should have something already in place for this.

“There are clubs who aren’t as big as Stanley and who don’t have anywhere near as much history as we do that have this sort of thing in place.

“I want things to become the property of Stanley fans for ever and a day.”

The lifelong fan has a personal collection of around 70 unique Stanley shirts himself and has gained support of the club.

After gathering support Mr Russell wants to see a website set up to permanently display the facts and items they collect.

He also wants to create a physical exhibition of memorabilia that can be brought out for events and anniversaries.

The father-of-three said he was frustrated recently after bidding for a rare Stanley badge from 1962.

He later found out he lost to a Russian collector, and wants to stop other people suffering the same fate.

Mr Russell said: “The sad thing is these things mean a lot to the fans.

“It’s down to the fans to look after this sort of thing.

“At this stage it is just about getting as many people involved as we can.”

The club is approaching its 50th anniversary next year after it was formed in 1968, two years after the collapse of the original Accrington Stanley.

Chairman Andy Holt said: “I think it’s great the fans are engaging in this sort of thing, it is fantastic.

“I’m not saying the club won’t do anything in the future, but for now there are other things going on.

“This would be good for everyone involved with the club and I wish them the best of luck.”

Anyone wanting to get involved set up the group or donate any items should email