HOUSES which are to be built on land opposite a primary school ‘would cause chaos’ to a village, a councillor said.

Cllr Andrew Newhouse said there will be a ‘serious traffic risk’ after plans were passed to build 18 houses in Brownside Road,Worsthorne.

More than 30 letters of objection were sent to Burnley Council by village residents.

Objections included fears of overcrowding in the village, dramatically changing the views approaching the village and the significant loss of trees.

Cllr Newhouse said he was annoyed at the decision because a similar application to build houses on the other side of the road was rejected.

He said: “There’s going to be so much danger from traffic coming out of the houses as it’s going to be right by the school.

“The traffic would cause chaos in and around the village.

“The application is a joke, there’s nothing to help with infrastructure, there’s nothing to help accommodate the extra people.

“The difference between this plan and the previous plan was basically there’s a little strip of land separating the village and Burnley.”

According to the plans submitted to Burnley Council, the homes would sit in an L-shape on Brownside Road and Lennox Street.

Several residents took to social media to voice their opinions on the decision.

On Facebook, Andrew Foster, chairman of governors for Worsthorne Primary School, said: “Very disappointing news on the planning application opposite Worsthorne Primary School.

“I attended and spoke against the application as chair of governors at the school.

“The particular concerns I highlighted were the health and safety threats to young children by increased traffic at this pinch point at the village entrance.

“I asked councillors to consider whether they’d consider the risk acceptable for their own children and grandchildren before approving the application and risking the welfare of our children.

“This is a complete dereliction of duty in my view.”

Worsthorne with Hurstwood Parish Council also objected to the plans for several reasons including building on a greenfield site and the village losing its ‘unique character’.

In a planning document a spokesman for the latest application said: “The site has the potential to create a sustainable, high quality residential development, which will integrate with the existing character of Worsthorne village and the wider area, enhancing the provision of homes in the village.”