A ‘VALUABLE’ bus stop for elderly residents has been reinstated after a two year fight by councillors.

Residents in the Church Kirk area of Hyndburn had complained to councillors about the lack of bus stops around the Oakbank Drive area of Blackburn Road.

Cllr Loraine Cox, who represents the area, said she was first made aware of the issue by residents in 2015.

A temporary bus stop was previously put in place but after a consultation a permanent stop has now been installed by Lancashire County Council.

Cllr Cox, who represents the Church ward, said: “A lot of residents came to me to complain about the issue and it was one of the first issues I targeted when I became a councillor.

“We have worked tirelessly to get it sorted.

“It was quite a trek for people to get to their nearest bus stop.

“There’s a lot of elderly residents and people with disabilities in that area who suffered.

“It is a big boost for the area.”

The stop is situated just after the Oakbank Drive roundabout in Blackburn Road and opposite the Acorn MOT centre.

Routes provide riders with ‘valuable’ services to Oswaldtwistle, Accrington town centre and Royal Blackburn Hospital.

Cllr Cox worked alongside County Cllr Munsif Dad to campaign for the site.

County Cllr Dad said the issue came around four years ago when county hall bosses cut the site after reviewing bus stops in the area.

He said: “Everybody has worked together to find a solution that works for everyone.

“It’s important as it helps people get out and about more.

“It is a valuable service for people in the Church area and it allows them to go shopping in town and get back much easier.

“Not everyone has a car and it’s important to encourage people to use public transport more.”

County hall bosses said the bus stop was permanently installed as it had been ‘well used’ during its temporary spell.

A County Council spokesman said: “We installed a temporary bus stop around a year ago following a request made by residents to the local county councillor, and as it has been well used we have now made it permanent, with a new raised kerb and sign.”