THEY were the days when traffic was light on East Lancashire's roads - the era of two and even three car families was still miles away.

In the early 1970s, A-class roads were all that were needed to take motorists to and from work, play and holidays and the drive for a motorway was just being heard.

This image shows the junction of Whitebirk Drive, the A6119, Burnley Road and Blackburn Road, Rishton, the A678, where today drivers negotiate the multi lane roundabout that is junction 6 of the M65.

This was created when a section of the motorway was extended from junction 7, Clayton-le-Moors in 1984, but it was to be another 13 years before the miles connecting it westwards to the M6 was constructed.

Standing sentinel over the area 40 years ago, is the vast power station, which provided the area's electricity for more than half a century - opened in 1921, it closed in 1976.

Coal to fuel its turbines was delivered from East Lancashire's coalfields by canal barge or by rail - the plant had its own sidings.

On the corner of Blackburn Road is a large Shell petrol station, which older motorists may still remember.