IT'S 1925 and New Chapel Street in Mill Hill reflects a tranquil scene on a sunny day.

The only traffic along its cobbles is a solitary a horse and cart, which has come to a stop at the kerb, as the driver makes a delivery, though several pedestrians stroll along the pathways.

The streets numerous small shops are open for business, with their sun blinds pulled down to protect their merchandise from the glare.

On the corner of Caroline Street, which is partially hidden by the cart, was a grocery store, run by Miss Meadows, then the seven shops on the right were George Tennant; Richard Draine, butcher; J Rawlinson, fruiterer, T Vipond, confectioner; Robert Wiggins, James Kenyon draper and James Heyes, fruiterer. On the left is the off licence of A Thwaites.

Many of the businesses have adverts and signs on the front walls and gable ends as they vie for business among the working people of Mill Hill, many of who would have been employed in the areas's textiles mills and factories.

New Chapel Street is still a busy shopping street today, but how many retailers must have come and gone in the last 92 years - and have any survived?