A FOOD outlet from ‘one of the most takeaway saturated places in the country’ has featured on a national broadcast looking at the fast food industry.

ITV Show current affairs show ‘Tonight’ showcased an episode titled ‘Fast Food: The Big Fat Truth’ which visited Iby’s Takeaway in Bank Top, Blackburn.

The study on the programme showed the number of fast food outlets in Britain is growing fast and since 2014 the number of takeaways nationally gone up by 10 per cent.

Research showed the top 10 places with the highest number of fast food outlets, which includes Blackburn with Darwen, Rossendale and Hyndburn.

As part of the research into fast food, Iby’s Takeaway carried out a two-week trial where it labelled the amount of calories in 10 of its meals.

Worker Sammy Patel who appeared on the programme said: “I think it is a really good thing, people should know what they are eating.

“We’ve got nothing to hide so thought it would be something interesting and a good idea.

“If people can eat more healthily and at a good price it is good for them and their families.

“Some of the calories were a big shock to me, especially the pizza and the burgers, I’ve not had as many cheeseburgers since then.

“Why should a takeaway be just for junk food, why can’t it be for healthy food.”

As part of the show Ranvir Singh visited Bank Top to investigate and labelled the area one of most ‘takeaway saturated places in the country’.

Labelling revealed the shops mighty meat pizza was 1197 calories, the special burger and chips was 1548, a doner kebab 1318, while a chicken wrap featured just 347 calories.

Customers were shocked to see what their favourite meal really consisted of.

One said: “I’d normally order a doner kebab.

“I’m shocked, I didn’t think there would be that many calories in it, I thought there would be about 700. I feel a bit greedy.”

Another said: “I’ve never really thought about when I’ve been eating food the calories it has in it.”

The programme also said its research suggests there is a link between strong levels of deprivation and number of takeaways that spring up in an area.

Public Health England said wants to set targets to reduce calories in takeaways and ready meals and wants more places to showcase the number of calories in foods, like Iby’s trialled.

Dr Alison Tedstone, chief nutritionist at Public Health England, said on the show: “Nutrition information is the foundation of healthy choices. We know most takeaways when you buy food on the go do not have calorie information at the point you make food choices.

“Public Health England would really like to see calorie labelling embraced by this sector of the food industry.”