POLICE who turned round to chase a speeding motorist found their route blocked by another car.

Blackburn Magistrates heard when they eventually managed to continue the pursuit officers saw Nicholas James Shepherd shooting red lights, doing 70 mph in 30 mph zones and going round roundabouts in the wrong direction.

Shepherd, 28, of Brownhill Road, Blackburn, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, driving with excess alcohol and without insurance and resisting a police officer. He was committed on bail to Preston Crown Court to be sentenced on December 18.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said officers travelling along Roman Road saw Shepherd overtake another car and head towards the officer at high speed. He went through temporary traffic lights on red and the officer turned to give chase.

"Another car blocked the road so he couldn't follow and another man will be appearing court in relation to that at a later date," said Miss Allan. "The officer eventually managed to continue the chase which reached speeds of over 70 mph."

After colliding with the kerb at the junction of Blacksnape Road and Pole Lane, Shepherd was grabbed by police as he got out of his car but ran off bare chested when his T-shirt ripped. He was arrested after a chase.