PLANS to convert part of a former mill into a business centre have been revised.

Avalon Town Planning Ltd, based in Burnley, wanted to change part of the existing Union Mill buildings, on Watt Street, Sabden from its established antique retail use into offices.

Watt Street residents voiced concerns over the number of cars that would be parked outside the nearby St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary School.

Watt street resident Paul Ashpitel, who is speaking on behalf of the residents in the area, said: "We are pleased that we have got the car parking back but the one thing we are uptight about is the speed will be travelling.

""We have tried to get the road markings for six years and applied for the 20 miles per house speed limit eight months ago.

"There are 70 cars in the morning and the evening which travel down that street which is becoming serious in a quiet street."

Cllr Richard Newmark, who represents the area, said: "They are taking away the space in front of the school where local parents pick up their children.

"This is good news for the school and Watt street residents because there will be less vehicles able to coming up and parking on the street."