A WOMAN who was bitten in the face by her ex-partner has spoken out about the abuse she suffered after he was jailed for 14 months.

Lynne Maguire was left in severe pain with a gaping cut to her tongue and is still suffering the effects after Daniel Egan attacked her in the street.

The mum-of-two said she is still on anti-depressants, suffering with anxiety and insomnia months after being attacked on two occasions.

Egan was jailed earlier this month for 14 months after admitting assault occasioning actual bodily harm and assault by beating.

The 44-year-old said she met Egan, who is originally from Stacksteads, on Facebook in 2015 and the first violent incident happened in July this year.

After the court case concluded, she said: "He looks for vulnerable people on Facebook and I just want to let other women know as he is likely to be out within a few months.

"I knew nothing about his past and the first violence I experienced was when he held me down with his knees while putting his hand over my mouth and nose.

"It was terrifying because I couldn't breath and was gasping for air.

"Within two weeks he attacked me again.

"I was walking along my road and he grabbed my face and bit me.

"There was a gaping wound in my tongue and I had to have stitches to the roof of my mouth, my tongue and lip.

"It was horrific.

"I had to take my kids with me to the hospital. I had to wake them up so they saw me with blood all over my face. They were terrified."

Miss Maguire, a carer from Leyland, spent a night in hospital and had to have surgery.

She said there were red flags before the physical incidents with signs of controlling behaviour such as turning up at her door after she broke it off and phoning her over and over again.

"My tongue is still not back to normal. It still feels numb at the tip months after it happened and I have been left with a scar under my lip," she said.

"I'm on anti-depressants and starting counselling. I am in a terrible state.

"My daughter is also showing signs of anxiety, checking doors and asking for reassurance that he will not come to my address and hurt me again.

"I am now trying to rebuilding my life but this will be a long process.

"I feel completely humiliated by him and will not trust anyone again.

"I think people should be warned about him. As soon as he is out he will move on to his next victim. He is manipulative."

A police spokesman urged anyone suffering from domestic violence or those who know someone who is to call 101.