LABOUR has accused Lancashire County Council of putting people at risk of serious injury and death by halving its budget for repainting road markings and renewing signs.

Its deputy group leader on the authority John Fillis is concerned by the reduction of its ‘Highway Lines and Signs Renewal’ budget from £1 million to £500,000.

He said even the county’s own report on the issue said the move ‘could increase the risk of collisions’ adding warning signs would only be maintained “where there a significant casualty record.”

Cllr Fillis, highway boss before the Tories took back control, said places like Burnley Road, Huncoat, had faded lines and signs residents wanted renewing.

He said “This means people will have to be killed or seriously injured before the council will do anything.

“We have many rural roads with poor lighting right across Lancashire. The lines reduce the risk of collisions especially in the dark.”

Cllr Keith Iddon, the current county highways boss, said: “We have put a further £5million into this year’s budget for highway maintenance.

“However changing the way we renew signs and lines is one way we can make a significant saving in this area of the revenue budget. A significant proportion of road markings are now being replaced as part of our extensive road resurfacing programme, funded from the capital programme rather than the revenue budget”

He added:“The main difference will be that some discretionary road markings and signs remain in a faded and worn condition for longer. “