AN INSPIRATIONAL eight-year-old girl who is battling an aggressive form of cancer is one of the stars of a new fund raising video.

Tia Taggart, from Padiham, was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma two years ago and is currently undergoing chemotherapy for tumours in her pelvis and legs and rounds of radiotherapy to treat bone and lung cancers.

Over the two years she has had more than a hundred doses of chemotherapy and 47 radiotherapy treatments.

The film is told from the perspective of seven brave patients who have all been treated at Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

In the film, created by video agency Zut, Tia describes how she would have a week off chemo and would then be back in for another round.

She also describes playing with her friends and ninja games as her favourite things.

Tia is a loyal fundraiser for the hospital having raised thousands through her Jetset Angels charity.

Tia’s dad Lee Taggart said: “For someone so young, Tia has been through so much but is always determined to help others going through a similar situation. She’s really passionate about fundraising for Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital so when the charity team asked if she would like to be in the film she didn’t hesitate to say yes.

“Many people don’t realise just how big the hospital is and how many patients it treats until their child is ill and they need to go there.

“We can’t thank the hospital enough for everything they’ve done for Tia, so helping out with this film and creating awareness for the charity was our way of being able to show our thanks.

“All the children in the film are incredibly brave – it’s humbling to watch and hopefully will encourage others to show their support.”

The hospital’s charity raises for treatment, research and care.

Sarah Naismith, head of the hospital charity’s said: “We were blown away when we watched the film for the first time. Tia and all the patients are just so inspiring and it is incredibly moving to hear the stories told through their own words. We are really grateful to the children for sharing their stories with us and for fundraising for the hospital which provides their care.

“Between them they have raised thousands which is really helping to make a difference.”

You can watch the video at