A BURGLAR said his life started to spiral out-of-control after he was charged with causing the death of his father by dangerous driving and driving while unfit through drugs.

Blackburn magistrates heard 38-year-old Colin Ormerod's life had been on a downwards spiral since the incident and his drug abuse had got out of control.

Ormerod, of Sandhurst Street, Burnley, pleaded guilty to three offences of burglary of commercial premises, theft of bank and other cards and possession of heroin. He was jailed for a total of 12 weeks.

Parveen Akhtar, prosecuting, said Ormerod had broken a window, causing £180 worth of damage, to gain entry to the Star Cafe on Croft Street, Burnley.

Once inside he stole the till and a tin containing cash to a total value of £520.

Five days later he broke into Cafe Massarell, causing £1,000 of damage to steel security doors, and stole chocolates and an unknown quantity of cash. The cards were also from the cafe but Ormerod claimed he had found them outside.

The third burglary, the following day, was at Poundland when Ormerod was in the process of removing two charity boxes when he was caught inside the shop by police.

Mark Williams, defending, said his client was subject to a community order imposed in July and he accepted his response to that had not been good.

"His more recent troubles follow the death of his father as a result of a crash when my client was driving," said Mr Williams. "He was under the influence of drugs at the time and has now been charged with causing death by dangerous driving and driving while under the influence of drugs among other things. He has committed numerous offences since the incident and it is fair to say there has been a decline in his situation."

Mr Williams said when Ormerod was caught red handed in Poundland the police did not know who was responsible for the burglary at Cafe Massarella the previous night.

"He told police the cards in his possession were from the burglary he did the night before," said Mr Williams. "He says he found the cards outside the shop."