A STUDENT has defied medical experts to achieve a first class honours degree.

Danielle Wainwright, 21, from Mellor, has high-functioning autism, dyslexia and dyspraxia, and her parents feared when she was very young that she would never achieve academically, go to college or ever be able to attend university.

However, Danielle is now celebrating after recently graduating with a top degree in photography from the University Centre at Blackburn College.

Her mum Ann said: “We are so incredibly proud of her. Her anxieties used to prevent her from joining any after school clubs or activities and she rarely slept or felt comfortable in new situations.

“When Danielle was small, we bought her a camera and it soon became clear that she had a real passion for photography.”

During her third year one of her pieces was commissioned by the East Lancashire NHS Hospitals Trust.

Tutor Martyn Pearson said: “Danielle is a highly talented and creative young photographer who has a bright future ahead of her and we wish her well."