A CAR was caught driving at 45mph in a 20mph zone while police were carrying out speed checks.

Of the 126 cars that passed officers in Knowsley Road, Wilpshire, a third were exceeding 25mph in the 20mph zone.

It comes after numerous complaints from residents about speeding cars.

A police spokesman said: On Friday from 5pm to 6pm we conducted a community road watch in Knowsley Road in Wilpshire due to lots of requests from residents in the area.

"Of 126 cars which passed us in this hour, a third of them were exceeding 25mph in a 20mph zone.

"One car was travelling at 45mph in a 20mph zone.

"Our community road watch scheme is aimed at advising rather than enforcing and fines aren't very often given as a result of a community road watch.

"However, in instances where our staff see fit - e.g. over double the speed limit - tickets may be issued.

"Lancashire County Council Highways will be contacted as a result of the road watch with a view to implementing more traffic calming measures which are obviously needed.

"Please slow down and consider pedestrians, particularly children."