A COUNTY councillor has said he wants to introduce a 24-hour speeding survey to monitor the speed of traffic on a road in the Ribble Valley where there have been fatalities.

Ribble Valley Councillor Ged Mirfin and Lancashire County Councillor Alan Schofield visited the road from Painter Wood en route to York Village Old Whalley Road, Billington on Wednesday, where the speed goes from 30mph to 60mph.

The visit came off the back of a resident’s plea to Lancashire County Council to cut down speed limits on a busy carriageway where there have been fatalities.

The councillors discussed ways to make the road safe for all users.

County Cllr Alan Schofield, who represents Ribble Valley South West, said: “I’m going to speak to highways and the police traffic management to bring in a 24-hour speeding survey to reduce how much traffic goes down there and the speeds going in.

“I will get some response but I can’t guarantee that the residents will get exactly what they want. I have no reason to think why it can’t be set up in the near future to check on the incidents on the speeds of Whalley.”

Cllr Ged Mirfin, who represents Billington, said: “I think it’s absolutely ludicrous vehicles are able to travel at that speed on a road where the surface is not good at all.

“There have been two fatalities on this road in the last six years.

“The problem is the increase in the volume of traffic in the estate of Whalley and Billington.

“We spoke to five residents since we have been here and they said unequivocally it’s a dangerous road and something needs to be done.

“The road has been used as a rat run going to work and school, travelling to and from Blackburn.

“I would like to see speed cameras erected at various points of the road although it’s not the view of residents here.”

One resident said: “It’s the speed of the road that is the issue. The 60mph speed limits is far to high for the volume of traffic on that road."