A SINGER songwriter has been visiting schools to deliver an anti-bullying message.

Sion Hill visited Blessed Trinity RC College in Burnley and Blackburn Central High School in Blackburn as part of a nationwide campaign to stamp out bullying.

The musician, who was born in Limerick and now lives in Berlin, kicked off his tour last month and has performed to thousands of students across the country.

He has talked to them about his personal experience with cyberbullying and discrimination.

Sion, who was performing his new single Beaches as part of the tour, said: “With the evolution of social media, our attention spans have become shorter than ever.

“Rarely do we do anything without needing to film or document it on our smartphones.

“Through my music I’m calling for a revolution of the self, to step away from the online world for a moment and think about what is really important, concentrate on real relationships and read something that’s longer than a page long article.”

Caroline Sillitoe, digital safeguarding lead, said he delivered an educational message about respect and e-safety.

He spoke to students in year seven and year nine.

She said: “It was a really important message delivered in a fun way which was really well received.

“He spoke about when he was starting out as a musician, his experience online and the importance of using the internet wisely.

“He talked to the children about respecting each other. Hopefully it will make them stop and think about the impact their behaviour may have on others.”

She said he also talked about depression and a song he had written for a friend with the condition.

Mrs Sillitoe added: “The students were impeccably behaved, listened to what he said and really enjoyed the music.”