A TEENAGE driver of a stolen car sped off when he realised police were after him.

Blackburn magistrates heard that despite driving over a 'stinger' Reece Patrick Murgatroyd reached speeds of 70mph as he headed towards the centre of Padiham.

As all four tyres deflated he struggled to keep control of the vehicle and eventually abandoned it in Lune Street before jumping into the river to try and escape.

Murgatroyd, 18, of Burnley Road, Padiham, pleaded guilty to driving a vehicle taken without consent aggravated by dangerous driving, failing to stop when required by a police officer, driving while disqualified and without insurance.

He was sent in custody to Burnley Crown Court to be sentenced.

Murgatroyd also pleaded guilty to two charges of assaulting a 17-year-old girl and was jailed for 28 weeks for those offences.

Catherine Allan, prosecuting, said the keys to the car being driven by Murgatroyd had been stolen in a burglary two days earlier. After passing over the stinger Murgatroyd drove down Burnley Road towards the centre of Padiham and was doing 70mph.

"The tyres were starting to deflate and as well as slowing down he was clearly struggling to control the car," said Miss Allan. "By the time he had crossed the bridge and turned into Lune Street the wheels of the car were spinning and he couldn't gain any traction."

Mark Williams, defending, said the distance of the incident was less than a mile from start to finish and a significant part of it was at low speed because of the deflating tyres.

"By the time he got to Lune Street he had slowed significantly, stopped and jumped into the river to try and get away," said Mr Williams.