WORSTHORNE Parish Council has objected to the plans to build 18 homes in Brownside Road.

If given the go-ahead the homes would be built opposite Worsthorne Primary School.

Within the planning document, a council spokesman said the site is in contravention of Burnley’s housing plan.

He said: “It is a Greenfield site, there are no permanent buildings on the site and it has not previously been designated as, or had planning permission for, brownfield use.

“The application does not specify the type of housing, therefore the residents of Worsthorne may be exposed to housing types neither necessary nor wanted and could mean that the village may have unsuitable housing imposed on it.

“Worsthorne holds a unique position in the town as it is the only true village setting with archetypal village green and square, dominated by the parish church, old schoolhouse, pub, shops, parish rooms and more recently a small cafe.

“Worsthorne has a thriving community and services are good and are well utilised.

“Visitors are able to enjoy walking, running, cycling and horse riding in a countryside setting.

“To extend the village into the conurbation of Burnley would diminish the appeal and amenities for both residents and visitors.”

The plans will be discussed by Burnley Council’s development committee.