FOUR employees of a fabric company had their lives, loves and work experiences brought to life in a special range of furnishings.

Artists Simon Grennan and Chris Sperandio, created a bespoke range based of fabrics and wallpaper based on designs created by staff at Panaz Holding, a fabric producer in Hapton.

The pair worked with Glenn Hartley, Peter Adams, Martine Thomson and Anita Mott, and invited them to become the centre of their work, holding intensive design sessions in their kitchens, living rooms and workplaces.

Mr Grennan said: “We arrange people into different social situations and the work is produced out of that.

“In the past we have made comic books which tell their own stories and became the characters within them.”

The employees created patterns featuring koi carp, rock band Whitesnake, Tibetan mandalas and King Charles Spaniels.

The four new fabrics and wallpaper were used as upholstery, curtains, bed linen and on living room walls and have been displayed in Towneley Hall, where they are available to be purchased.

Martine Thompson, who lives in Clitheroe, had a wall in her house decorated with a woodland background.

Her seven-year-old son Ernest can also be seen in the artwork, standing by the rocks. The 44-year-old mother said: “When Ernest’s friends come round we point him out on the wall covering. Ernest is very happy and proud of it.”

Tony Attard, CEO of Panaz Holding, said: “Being able to stimulate and develop a way of thinking by including somebody from outside the immediate environment encourages that thought process and therefore creativity.

“Overall the idea also demonstrated to the public that manufacturing industry is a great place to work.”

Their next project will draw upon the history of manufacturing and pattern making in Lancashire at Towneley this month.