A LANCASHIRE Telegraph reader has been in touch with a photograph he thinks could be a UFO in the skies in East Lancashire.

Colin Horrabin said he spotted the bright light when he was walking his dogs in Ribchester last night (September 13) at 7.50pm.

He said: "You can see it is quite a large source of light compared to anything in the valley.


"The camera was a Panasonic TZ70 set to an ISO MAX of 1600 I did not use zoom.

"I looked at the picture on the cameras LCD screen and blew it up to see a disc shaped object.

"So I then intended to use 30X optical zoom but I had wasted too much time messing with the camera and before I could take a photo with zoom my wife saw the object disappear in the clouds.

"I should have immediately followed my first shot with one in zoom without looking at the first photo.

"It's a bit like photos  of wild life- you don’t get a second chance."

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