AN East Lancashire Euro-MP has called on the European Parliament President to ensure that European Union citizens living in the UK are not discriminated against unfairly after Brexit.

In a speech during the opening of the Parliament’s in Strasbourg Sajjad Karim expressed his concern to President Antonio Tajani that EU nationals in Britain are being illegally stopped from renting or buying properties, obtaining jobs and reserving holidays.

His alarm comes after campaign group ‘The3Million’ issued a dossier on the issue.

Mr Karim, a former Pendle solicitor born in Blackburn who lives in Simonstone, told Mr Tajani: “Today I read a report issued by citizens in the United Kingdom highlighting the discrimination they are now beginning to face in a variety of forms. That has been taken up by the British Government minister.

“May I ask you, through your office, to provide the necessary assistance that the British Government may need in order to make sure that this matter is stamped out immediately and that such discrimination cannot be tolerated?

“Certainly it reminded me of a bygone era when adverts were placed stating, ‘No blacks and no dogs’. We will not tolerate any such discrimination.”