THE first stage of a footpath project to link Great Harwood to Padiham has been completed.

A footpath has now been set up to link the 1/4km stretch between Simonstone Lane to Gooseleach Wood as part of the Martholme Greenway project.

Steps have been installed at the footpath’s access point and the path has been created to which now links Read and Simonstone.

Dr John Barker, who chairs the Martholme Greenway Group, is the academic subject leader for engineering at the college’s University Centre.

He said: “The footpath is on high dry ground which protects it from wet weather.

“A lot of footpaths around Read and Simonstone become unusable when it rains.

“This is a footpath which will be usable all-year round regardless of the weather.

“The footpath will officially open once the signs to inform motorists of the path entrance have been installed at the road side.

“The official opening will take place soon.”