A BURNLEY FC star has decided to go under the knife and have a hair transplant.

Claret striker Ashley Barnes took the step after years of struggling with hair loss.

The forward, who joined the Turf Moor club in 2014, visited the Farjo Hair Institute in Manchester to find a way of regaining his locks.

Mr Barnes decided to try to break the taboo over hair transplants and first met with Bessam Farjo, of the Institute, two years ago.

Discussing his first thoughts about hair loss, Barnes, 27, said: “I got a bit of banter from the lads. It never fazed me before, but when you see yourself get highlighted on Match Of The Day you get picked out for a certain something you notice it.

“You see a little island and you think, 'Woah, Ididn’t think I was that bad.

“Then you start getting worried.

“I saw a photo of myself and I thought something needs to be done so that’s why I contracted Farjo hair.

“They take it from the back of the head and insert them to the top of your head one by one.

“You can see where it's slowly growing back. It won’t be for 18 months until you see the real benefits.

“I’ve had it done now and hopefully it will grow back.”

Barnes has scored 14 goals since joining from Brighton and Hove Albion including many vital Premier League goals last year.

Mr Barnes was on a course of medication for two years before having his surgery this year, aiming at slowing down the hair loss and preparing himself for the transplant.

Mr Barnes is one of a series of high-profile people in the football world with a hair transplant.

Chelsea FC’s manager Antonio Conte, Everton’s forward Wayne Rooney and pundit Micky Gray, who was treated by the same doctor as Mr Barnes, are among those who have opted for the surgery.

Dr Bessam said: “For years, hair loss has been a taboo that not only sports stars but men in general have kept extremely quiet about. Nowadays, this issue is becoming more acceptable to talk about in the public eye.”