A COMPLAINT has been made over a ‘mutilated’ road caused by a controversial development at a former care home site.

Work has been taking place since 2015 to build 12 new homes at the former Hill Top Care Home site off Newton Drive, Baxenden.

Complaints had been made earlier this year about ‘chaos’ caused by vehicles blocking the road.

Ring Stones Maintenance and Construction, who are carrying out the work, said it has been fully compliant with planning conditions throughout building, which is set to be complete next month.

However residents have still been left angered at the condition of the road surface.

George Spence, 60, from Newton Drive, said: “The road has been an absolute disaster

“It was only a month ago it was resurfaced and it was looking beautiful and then 20 minutes later it was a mess again. It’s just a dirt track. It looks mutilated.

“It feels like I’ve been banging my head against a brick wall looking to get something done.”

The plans also faced opposition before the work started and a total of 75 letters of objection were sent to the council over the application before it was passed.

Cllr Terry Hurn, who represents the area on Hyndburn Council, said: “It’s something we’ve been watching closely. There has been a lot of interest in the site from when plans were first brought up.

“One of the main problems has been it has dragged on for so long because of a few delays.

“I think they’ve been trying their best to get it all done as quickly and to as good a standard as possible.”

A Hyndburn Council spokesman said: “As well as using a hose to clean the wheels of vehicles the developer at the site on Newton Drive has also employed a road-sweeper to keep the road clean, particularly when the site has had a large number of deliveries.

“If the council receives a further complaint about the condition of the road it will undertake a further visit to the site to check the condition of the road.”

James Macaree, Ring Stones’ operations manager, said: “We are working hard to complete this development in the fastest and least disruptive way possible, and have gone to extra lengths to resolve any concerns the local residents may have.

“At every stage, our work is fully compliant with the advice of local planning officers and building inspectors, and we are continuing to ensure this is the case.

“We are pleased to say that we have had lots of interest in this development, with many properties already sold off-plan, and we are due to complete work by October 2017.”