CAMPAIGNERS have organised a petition for the creation of a pedestrian crossing on the A59.

Thousands of vehicles pass through a busy main road in Gisburn each day and there is no level crossing.

Residents in Gisburn have raised concerns over the number of vulnerable people including young children and elderly people, who have to take ‘unnecessary risks’ when crossing the stretch of road.

Gisburn Parish Council have asked Lancashire County Council to carry out an assessment of one of the town’s busy roads.

Cllr David Waters, who set up the Gisburn pedestrian crossing campaign, said: “There is strength of feeling about this amongst the public and we have had a good response to the petition so far.

“Already 60 people have signed up to our petition to build a pedestrian crossing.

“We want to get people on the streets talking to people and getting more view points on this issue.

““Lancashire County Council is the responsible authority and they have the power to provide the solution.”

Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans said: “There is no party politics here. I would endorse the introduction of traffic calming measures.

“I think there should be a zebra crossing, with traffic lights, around that A road.

“It is not just the volume of traffic there that’s the issue but the speed of it.

“I can see people being mowed down on the zebra crossing if there are no traffic lights.

“The speed of the traffic is an absolute thoroughfare and something needs to happen for people who live their and they need a crossing.”

Gisburn resident Kirsty Hopcraft, who is mother to three children, said: “My children and I have ended up taking unnecessary risks in crossing this busy road.

“Lancashire County Council need to do something to protect cars and people who cross this road and stop a serious accident from happening.”

Harvey Danson, Lancashire County Council area highways manager, said: “We will consider the request set out in the e-petition when it has closed in early October.”

The Gisburn pedestrian crossing campaign day will take place in the town on September 9 from 11am.