CONTROVERSIAL plans to build 41 homes in flood-hit parts of the Ribble Valley could go ahead despite opposition.

An application was submitted by Jason Alexander, of H&H Homes Ltd, to erect the houses on land off Dale View, Billington, which was previously met with opposition.

Letters of objection were sent from residents to Ribble Valley Council, while Billington and Langho Parish Council and the county council also expressed concerns over whether the land was at risk of flooding.

In the planning statement, the Environment Agency said a small part of the development site was located on a 'flood zone' and any issues relating to flood risk should be considered. The developer, along with a number of residents from Dale View, attended Ribble Valley Council’s planning and development meeting on Thursday.

It was decided at the meeting that the application would be granted if County Hall flood bosses’ reservations were resolved.

Cllr Stephen Atkinson, who represents the area on the borough council, said: “It was agreed that the local flood authority, Lancashire County Council, needed to remove their objections to the application before it progresses to construction.

“Most of the area in the application was outside of the flood zone of December 2015. Only the north east corner of the site was inside the flood zone area.

“The planning officer has agreed that the local lead authority Lancashire County Council will need to remove their objections before they can progress any further. They will have to be certain there is no potential problem with flooding before construction can proceed.”

Billington and Langho Parish Cllr Tony Austin, who spoke on behalf of the objectors, said: “I think it’s essential that the flood authorities are 110 per cent confident that there is no danger of flooding when they carry out their inspection.

“In 2015 around 35 houses were flooded, many of which were three feet deep and unprotected from the floods. I think the local flood authority is sympathetic to residents’ concerns.

“If County Hall should give permission for the application I would like to see flood protection measures introduced. For example, electricity which is used in the new houses should be made flood resilient.”

The applicant, H&H Homes Ltd, refused to comment.