A LUCKY Persian cat had to be rescued by firefighters from a bedroom fire.

The feline was found inside a a house in Ripon Street, Blackburn after fire crews were called at 10am.

Umar Ajaib, 30, who lives in the house with his dad, Mohammad, said they were celebrating Eid when they were called by a neighbour who said their house was on fire.

The front bedroom and almost all its contents were badly damaged by the flames.

The landing, another room and the stairway were damaged by smoke.

Umar said around £2,500 of damage was caused.

He said: "We got back and saw the flames were coming out of the window.

"No one was inside but we were really scared for our cat, Tricks, who was still inside somewhere.

"At that point we were thinking the worst."

One-year-old Tricks was rescued by two firefighters and did not suffer any injuries.

Umar said: "He was very scared and shuck up, he was left to sleep all afternoon to get over the shock.

"We know the fire started in the bedroom and underneath the bed, but we don't know how it started.

"We were out celebrating Eid and having a great time and then we got the bad news.

"Thankfully no one was injured and only material possessions were damaged."

Two fire crews from Blackburn were at the scene for around two hours and used a hosereel and an extractor fan to remove the smoke.

A fire service spokesman said: "A Persian cat was found and rescued by two firefighters and as far as we are aware it did not suffer any serious injuries.

"The bedroom and its contents suffered quite a lot of damage and there was further smoke damaged caused to the upstairs floor.

"There were smoke alarms fitted which enabled the occupants to get out early.

"We don't know what caused the fire but it is under investigation."