A MODEL has written a novel about his “living nightmare” of being trapped in the Middle East without proof of his identity.

Nadeem Ahmed, who comes from Accrington, relives the “terrifying” true story of eight months he endured in Dubai.

‘Doomed in Dubai’ follows the 35-year-old’s first novel ‘Strut to Success’ in 2015.

Mr Ahmed , who is also a fashion TV presenter, lived on Lister Street, Accrington, for many years with his grandparents and went to what was then Moorhead High School. He still has family in the town.

His photographic and catwalk career took off after a sister entered him without his knowledge in a modelling competition, which he won. He was then featured on the cover of Springboard, a magazine for young people.

He has since worked in Portugal, Lebanon, Egypt and Mumbai, as well as London, where he now lives.

Mr Ahmed said: “I had been working so hard in 2003 and was so desperately in need of a break.

“My cousin mentioned she and her family had recently come back from Dubai. I was immediately sold.

“The problem was I was very naive and gullible and way too trusting. I was told by someone I trusted that I would have to pay for my visa initially and thereafter the company would sort it.

“Initially I was asked to pay a few hundred pounds. Then I was told I had to pay more and this went on several times. It never was sorted.

“Deep down I knew there was something not right but I didn’t know or have the confidence in how to deal with it.

“I ended up staying for eight months. I got into a heavy situation, as I was in a foreign country with no passport and no proof of who I was.”

‘Doomed in Dubai’ is exclusive to Amazon.