A PUPPY was rescued by a lifesaving crew after it became stranded on a cliff ledge.

‘Jam’ was reported stranded on a ledge on a cliff with a 100ft drop below in woods off Mill Hill Lane, Hapton today.

Two crews from Hyndburn and their rope rescue team firefighter colleagues from St Annes were alerted and sent to the scene following the incident at around 10.20am.

Using a rope, a firefighter was hoisted down and managed to grab ‘Jam’, before being put in a bag and hauled up with a rope a few hours later.

The circumstances of how the incident happened are unknown, but fortunately the team effort paid off and the puppy was rescued uninjured and reunited with its owner Steven.

Stephen Horrocks, crew manager at Hyndburn fire station said the dog was ‘lucky to be alive’.

He said: “The owner was walking his dog up Mill Hill Lane, Hapton, when the dog ran off the edge of the cliff on to a ledge 10ft to 15ft down.

“Below that was a sheer drop of around 100ft.

“The ledge was only narrow and it was sitting down on it.

“The puppy was alright considering what had happened and is lucky to be alive, as if it had taken a step and fallen off the ledge, it would have almost certainly died.”

Mr Horrocks described the incident as ‘unfortunate’.

He said: “It happened half a mile off the lane in some woods, so crews had to carry the equipment over with them.

“Crews arrived at about 10.50am and it took us a couple of hours to rescue Jam.

“Jam is now happily reunited with its owner.”

A fire service spokesman said: “Two fire engines and crews from Hyndburn and their Rope Rescue Team firefighter colleagues from St Annes, firefighters with additional specialist skills and equipment for rescues at height beyond the reach or access of ladders, went to the rescue.

“The team effort paid off and the puppy was rescued uninjured and reunited with his owner.”