CALLS have been made for CCTV cameras to be installed to find a 'mystery' teen blighting a village with ‘sinister’ graffiti.

St Mary’s the Virgin Church came under attack for a second time after the phrase ‘DONT FORGET’ was plastered across its outer wall in Burnley Road, Trawden.

This comes a week after the phrase ‘GOD OF WAR’ was spray-painted in the same spot.

The war memorial in Church Street was also targeted with the word ‘BELZEC’, the name of a concentration camp during the Second World War a few weeks ago.

Cllr Paul White had previously described the vandalism as sinister, bizarre and a bad form of anti-social behaviour.

Another drawing containing the word ‘GOD’ and a triangle, which is believed to mimic Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon album cover, was discovered in Trawden Road last Monday.

A disgruntled Trawden resident said the graffiti had gone beyond a joke.

He said: “Its nonsensical, it doesn’t mean anything.

“This seems to be a clearly disturbed individual who is doing this.

“It is very strange indeed, I am veering toward the culprit being an adult as it’s too obsessive to be a teenager.

“We could really do with CCTV around the village, that would help catch those involved in the act.

“If we can identify those responsibly they can be punished and stopped.”

Ed Saville, the area Dean for Pendle in the Blackburn Diocese, said: “Something needs to be done to make sure this does not happen again.

“Cameras could be a possibility but they might not be the answer for the church, they may work elsewhere.

“We need to work together to try and come up with the tougher security measures to stop this from happening again.”

PC Nigel Keates said: “We are aware of the new graffiti on the church and we are doing research into what the symbols and phrases mean to try and get into the mind of those who did it.

“We are asked about CCTV cameras a lot and there are a lot of legal hurdles which makes us getting them very difficult.

“We are asking people to come forward if they catch those in the act or have any information on whose doing it to get in touch.

“This is annoying a lot of people and it needs to be stopped."