A LIBRARY in the Ribble Valley is scheduled to reopen in mid November.

Whalley Library is set to be the first library to reopen after Lancashire County Council's decision to save 22 libraries from closure in East Lancashire.

New Tory culture boss Peter Buckley visited the library last week and is the first head of cultural services to do so in a cabinet post holder position.

The deputy leader of Lancashire County Council Albert Atkinson, Whalley ward councillors Ged Mirfin, Joyce Holgate and Terry Hill and head of Save the Whalley Library group, Neil Martin, also attended the meeting at the library.

Cllr Ged Mirfin said: “The previous LCC administration had two alternatives. One was to have it run by the LCC and the other was try to sell it to one particular group.

"It fell down because they tried to run the library for one group rather than share it with many groups.

"The library is set to get an internal inspection, the first time it has had one since it first reopened."

Two of the main issues to be discussed related to the furniture and IT equipment that will be needed to be imported along with the recruitment of staff.

Cllr Mirfin said: "It could take up to three months to recruit the staff that are needed to run the library.

"This will need to be advertised and there will have to be an interview process before appointing people.

"It has yet to be decided how many staff will be needed to recruit."

The attendees also agreed to re-constitute a community group, like the Friends of Whalley library group, which would involve as many community groups as possible.

Save the Whalley library campaign organiser Neil Martin said: "It became apparent last year the community are strongly behind the facility opening in the village.

"I hope it will become more of a community hub and it needs to be protected for the use of the villagers in the future."

Cllr Mirfin added: "I am delighted and all been asked to write to Peter to send documents and submissions made to previous administrations which I am happy to do.

“We are going to keep in touch and have further discussions going forward.”