CALLS to introduce a speed camera into a village have been made after more than 140 people were caught speeding in 12 months.

Cllr David Heginbotham who represents Cliviger on Burnley Council, has called for a more permanent deterrent to be introduced after a mobile camera saw 149 people breaking the speed limit.

The camera was set up on different points in Burnley Road which runs through the village and out towards Cornholme and Todmorden.

The road has different speed limits, ranging from 30 to the national limit.

Cllr Heginbotham said speeding vehicles mean lives are at risk.

He said: "These idiots speed through the village and out very fast.

"They do it in the early mornings because they think people can't see them or won't notice.

"It's particularly bad at this time of the year when there's a bit of sunshine people like to go out driving.

"People are often caught doing 10 miles per hour over the limit, driving at this speed is extremely dangerous.

"I'd like to see a more permanent camera in place, or for them to be used more regularly, I only see them up every now and again."

There have been several crashes on the road within the past year.

A black Ford Focus and a black Suzuki Jimmy crashed near the Ram Inn in December.

The road was closed for several hours and both drivers were taken to hospital.

Cllr Cosima Towneley, chairman of Cliviger Parish Council, said: "I would be very interested to know if these drivers were from the area or just passing through.

"Obviously if the cameras are catching people there is a problem with speeding.

"The speed limits are there to be adhered to. They are there as a maximum not as a minimum.

"People need to take into account of weather conditions and the vehicles in front of them.

"I would like a camera, but I don't think we would get one due to the rural."