ANGRY residents have objected to plans to build a 17.5metre tall 'eyesore' phone mast.

Proposals have been submitted to Hyndburn Council to erect the phone tower and four cabinets in Thwaites Road, Oswaldtwistle.

The plans for the Vodafone mast have faced a backlash from residents in the area and six objection letters have been received by the council so far.

However the company said the plans will 'have the least visual impact whilst still providing coverage'.

Concerns from residents include the potential health effects and its appearance.

Nadine Robinson, from Wordsworth Close, said: "Not only would it devalue property that is not worth a lot anyway, it would also be an eyesore in such a beautiful area.

"My main concern however is that we still do not truly know what damage exposure to such devices does to the human body."

Joanna Reeves, from Thwaites Road, said: "There is no need for a mast to be right next door to anyone's house.

"There is land further up Thwaites Road where there are no houses, put the mast there."

The steel monopole will be 17.5metres tall at the telecommunications base station and will provide Vodafone and O2 customers with 3G and 4G services.

Cllr Stewart Eaves, who represents the area for Hyndburn Council, said he has sympathy for the residents but can see the merit in the plans.

The St Andrews ward councillor said: "The problem is people don't like having these phone masts in their neighbourhoods.

"But everyone has a mobile phone and people are forever complaining they cannot get service.

"However I do understand the complaints that these residents have."

A spokesman for CTIL, which Vodafone are part of, said: "Vodafone and O2 identified that they need to improve the coverage to their customers in Oswaldtwistle and proposed a base station on the grass verge on Thwaites Road.

"The design of the proposed base station has been selected to have the least visual impact locally whilst still providing coverage to our customers."