A SELF-confessed former football hooligan is facing a fresh order banning him from attending matches.

Andrew 'Pot' Porter, 41, of Parliament Street, Burnley, was a founding member of the hooligan group the Burnley Suicide Squad has published a book - Suicide Squad - about his exploits with them.

Mr Porter has come to the end of a three-year ban from watching England and domestic matches.

He appeared before Reedley Magistrates Court today as part of a civil application for a fresh ban.

Mr Porter was bailed until August 2 with the condition that he does not leave England and Wales without the permission of the UK Football Policing Unit.

He will appear again for a case management hearing at Reedley magistrates.

Sergeant Colin Hudson, head of Burnley's Operation Fixture, aimed at tackling football hooliganism in the town, said: "We are in the process of trying to get a fresh civil ban on Mor Porter.

"My message this season is clear. Come to enjoy the football and Burnley will make you most welcome.

"Come to cause trouble and we will tackle you."

When his book was published two years ago Mr Porter claimed he did not set out to glamourise the violence, and said if people were offended by it, they should not read the book.

He said: "The book isn't about violence, it's about my life.

"I am proud of what I have done. Nobody will change the fact that I have done it.

"If people aren't bothered with it don't read it."