CONTROVERSIAL plans to transform a former parish hall into a nursery have been lodged.

Applicant Pauline Hargreaves, has submitted proposals to build in the vacant St Mary's Parish Hall, Trawden.

Under the bid, the current building would be divided into a children's day nursery with a play area at the back.

But the development in Church Street has been met with fierce opposition by residents and councillors.

They are concerned about the effect of the plans on the safety of what they said is already a narrow, busy and 'congested ' road, and on parking in the area.

Several letters of objection have been received by Pendle Council describing the plans as 'foolish' and 'far from ideal'.

Within an objection letter, Emma Catlow, of Clogg Heads, said: "For a start the traffic up and down this road is already absolutely horrendous at peak times in the morning and tea time which is a real concern as these premises have no parking.

"The road always has cars parked up one side there is no other place to park.

"Adding a lot more traffic every day to this area is going to be a real issue for people going to and from work.

"Also, how would children safely be dropped off and collected with no available parking?

"These premises are far from ideal for a children's day nursery in my opinion."

Resident Amanda Cunningham, of Boulsworth Drive, said: "This would be a very foolish venture for Trawden and the people coming to drop off children at this building.

"The road has historical problems with the volume of traffic and this would make it impassable."

While Trawden Parish Council said they were 'unanimously' opposed to the development, which they said would create 'huge parking and manoeuvring issues' for everyone within the village and those who pass through it.

But agent, Geoff Hook, acting on behalf of applicant Mrs Hargreaves, said the plans would bring employment and meet a demand for nursery places in the area.

13 jobs would be created from the nursery, while 78 children would use the facility.

Mr Hook said: "In terms of parking, people will be able park along the road and on the nearby side streets,

"The building has also in the past been used as a parish hall and can accommodate up to 100 people, and this doesn't amount to a change of use and has accommodated traffic before.

"While the plans would also be an opportunity to transform an old building that is currently vacant."