A FATHER-of-five has warned fellow dog walkers about a ‘dangerous’ section of grass which left his pet needing surgery.

Richard Carrington was walking his dog Bella on the bottom field near Huncoat railway line with his children when he noticed blood ‘pouring’ from her paw.

He then realised the seven-year-old boxer had been cut on glass after inspecting the field.

Bella was left with the pad on her paw ‘hanging off’ and required an operation to repair the injury.

Mr Carrington, 32, said: “We were just walking like normal, kids were there, I was throwing sticks for her.

“Then when we came to the end of the walk I noticed there was a lot of blood pouring out from her paw.

“When I looked there was glass all over, it’s dangerous. I was so worried, she’s like a child to me.

“We were told by vets it was luck it didn’t catch an artery or it could have been so much worse.

“But now we’ve been left with vet bills that we can’t afford.”

The operation cost £400 to carry out and Bella spent a day recovering before returning home on Wednesday night.

The pet is now recuperating and looks set to make a full recovery.

Mr Carrington, from Thirlmere Close, Huncoat who looks after the dog with his partner Saara Currie, said the area could do with more bins to help keep the area tidier.

He said: “Lots of people walk their dogs over there, kids run around and play on the grass too.

“Something needs to get done about it so it doesn’t happen again.

“Next time it could be a kid falling over and cutting themself.

“The field is a bit of a tip, there’s rubbish all over, we could do with more bins being put up around there.”

Cllr Eamonn Higgins, who represents the area on Hyndburn Council, said he will look into problems at the grass.

He said: “It is the first I have heard of this incident and was unaware that there was a problem..

“However, I will be going over there today to have a look at the grass. I will clear up any glass that is there and report it.

“We don’t want animals or young children getting injured on glass like this.”