A 24-YEAR- OLD man attacked his mum and her partner after the family had been to a pub to watch the Grand National.

Blackburn magistrates heard James Cavin punched his mum, who lives in Rossendale, to the floor and then punched her repeatedly leaving her with a broken nose.

Cavin, 24, of Windrows, Skelmersdale, was convicted in his absence assaulting Donna Gallaghan causing her actual bodily harm and assaulting Lee Davies.

He was sent on bail to Burnley Crown Court to be sentenced on July 31.

Enza Geldard, prosecuting, said Cavin had moved in with his mum and her partner in Edenfield, while he was waiting for his own flat.

They had all gone to the Railway in Ramsbottom to watch the Grand National and then got a taxi home.

"There was a disagreement between the defendant and Mr Davies and Mrs Callaghan saw her son punch the other man, knocking him to the ground," said Mrs Geldard.

"Mrs Callaghan put herself between the two men and she was also punched to the floor where Cavin carried on punching her to the face."

Mrs Geldard said the next thing Mrs Callaghan remembered was crying her eyes out with blood pouring from her nose which was later found to be broken.

Nick Dearing, defending, said the incident went back to April 2016 and after failing to turn up for his trial Cavin had surrendered to the police three weeks ago.

"He was sentenced to six weeks in prison which coincided with the time required for the preparation of a pre-sentence report," said Mr Dearing.

He said both victims had attended court to support the defendant and both had confirmed they had reconciled.

He said the incident had not been pre-meditated.

"People were drinking and the defendant lost his temper and started to lash out," said Mr Dearing.