LET’s face it, Elton John just doesn’t do things by halves. 

There were those who were sceptical when he announced he would be playing Blackburn Rovers Ewood Park ground but any doubts anyone might have had were dispelled the moment you entered the stadium to be confronted by the giant stage which dwarfed the Riverside stand behind it.

This was Elton bringing the full package with him and the biggest show in East Lancashire this year didn’t disappoint for a split second.

Security was tight and very visible with sniffer dogs in the ground throughout the show and armed police on duty. But their presence was reassuring rather than threatening and certainly did nothing to stop the giant party which unfolded.

Heavy showers and leaden skies which dominated the afternoon miraculously disappeared as Elton and his great band walked on stage, perhaps being a true superstar means you can control the weather.

Resplendent in a Rovers blue suit with three-quarter length jacket adorned with crystals, Elton treated us to a greatest hits show and more.

Now 70, his face lit up like a child opening their first Christmas present as a storming opener of The Bitch is Back was met with a roar of approval.

Even after all these years, performing is clearly what Elton and his band live for. You could see him soaking up the adulation like a sponge and turning it into a wonderfully energetic and, at times, emotional set.

It would be all too easy for him to simply go through the motions but that’s just not his style.

Benny and the Jets, Daniel, Philadelphia Freedom – one great song after another was performed with commitment, passion and a certain swagger.

The recent terror attacks in Manchester and London prompted him to dedicate the song I Want Love to the victims and their families urging everyone to work for a better and nicer world. The applause rang long and loud as the Love MCR LDN slogan appeared on the giant video screens.

Another emotional high was Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me, dedicated to George Michael. As Elton described how the death of his ‘dear friend’ on Christmas Day ‘broke my heart’ a shaft of sunlight forced its way through a gap in the stands to set the jewels on his jacket shining like tears.

Let’s face it you don’t sell as many albums and as many concert tickets as Elton without being something special. And in Blackburn he proved that both he and his magnificent band have the power, passion and a genuine love for what they do.

Emblazoned on the back on his jacket was the word Fantastic. And you know what? He was.