LEADING Darwen businessman Wayne Wild who campaigned for Brexit has now changed his mind.

The group director of engineering company WEC Group has called for the decision to leave the European Union to be ‘reversed immediately’.

Mr Wild campaigned for an EU exit before last year’s referendum writing an economic paper in support of leaving circulated in Westminster by then Rossendale and Darwen Tory MP Jake Berry, a reluctant ‘Remainer’.

Mr Wild has tweeted:: “As a Brexit promoter and voter I would reverse the decision immediately. The current leaders can’t even write a manifesto or budget.”

Mr Wild, whose firm is based in Junction Street, said: “I stand by my reasoning of the time and believe my conclusion was right then – but not now.”

He accused both current Prime Minister Theresa May and her predecessor David Cameron of ‘poor leadership’.

Mr Wild said: “It’s been error after error and misleading statements have compounded the issue.

“David Cameron’s EU renegotiation tour was a disaster.

“He then ran a complacent campaign which was based on fear.

“And then we had the Tory leadership campaign and we ended up with Theresa May and she gives me no confidence whatsoever.

“My voice isn’t enough. What is needed is for some of the very well-known exit campaigners to admit that this is not going to end well for us and find a way of pulling back.”

Mr Berry, now a Tory general election candidate, said: “Many people may have changed their mind since the Brexit vote but as I told Wayne at the time, there is no going back on Brexit once the British people have made their choice.”

Cllr David Foster, leader of Blackburn with Darwen’s Liberal Democrat group who represents Whitehall ward, said: “Changes of heart like this are why we need a second referendum on the final Brexit deal.”

Sunnyhurst ward Labour councillor Dave Smith said: “This is good news.

“I applaud Wayne for his flexibility and honesty.”

Mr Wild accuses leading Tory Brexit campaigners Boris Johnson and Michael Gove of indulging in ‘personal backstabbing’ at the expense of the country.

Mr Berry added: “I have huge respect for WEC as one of our leading local manufacturers and for their work with apprentices.

“But with negotiations starting in just 11 days after the election it’s no time for an apprentice and that’s why only the Conservatives can deliver the best deal for Brexit. “