THE holy month of Ramadan has fallen during the school exam season again this year.

In 2016, headteachers across East Lancashire worked to make sure students who were fasting could also take their exams and perform to the best of their ability.

Ramadan, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar which includes a 29 to 30 day period of fasting, moves dates every year.

Those who fast are not allowed any food or water between sunrise and sunset.

Schools have published their own policies on how to support students during the month.

Blackburn Central High School’s Ramadan policy states: “The school will offer advice to fasting pupils who have important exams, to assist them in managing their prayer time efficiently during the night, in order to avoid tiredness.

“The school will ensure that any pupils fasting will be informed of the allowances Islam gives for them to break the fast and make it up later, if they feel fasting will in any way jeopardise their performance.

“The school will discuss with all pupils during Ramadan if they would prefer revision lessons to be in the morning or in the afternoon.

“If any pupils who are fasting show signs that they may be dehydrated, such as a headache or drowsiness, then a member of staff will advise them to terminate the fast immediately by drinking some water."

As Ramadan also fell during exam season last year, schools have retained their policies and advice from 2016.

Al Islah Girl’s High School in Blackburn has als published guidance for students on its website.

It includes encouraging the students to embrace the challenge of taking exams during Ramadan, to work hard and also eating well when they can.

A spokesman said: “Having a wholesome suhoor (pre-dawn meal) is more than vital.

“Those that don’t eat breakfast cannot function at the same level as those that do.”