A HISTORIC music venue which hosted bands such as the Sex Pistols is set to be remembered in a special exhibition.

The Lodestar in Ribchester was open from the 1950s until the 1980s and gained a reputation for its live music, and was a ‘unique’ venue for its time.

An abstract video about the venue was shown before the Blackburn Rovers game against Aston Villa last weekend to build support ahead of the launch in September.

This was the start of a campaign which will see a selection of music, poetry and art displayed around Blackburn town centre over the summer paying tribute to the venue.

Poet Mark Ward, one of the organisers, said: “It’s a great thing for the town that we’ll have this exhibit to remember the Lodestar.

“Everybody used to talk about it, it was iconic, it mean a lot to a lot of people and was a rites of passage for many.

“The broader themes of the exhibition are the empowerment of women and the cultural significance of the Lodestar club during the 60s and 70s.”

He will be working with sculptors Kate Davis, David Moore and digital artist Michael Webster for the project which is being produced by Andrew Grimshaw.

Former owner Margo Grimshaw said: “People came from all over, I was astounded.

“It was really quite fantastic, it was a big, massive venue for its time. Those were great days.

“It was a big event in most peoples lives, people would queue up to get in the door.

“It was an innovation, a lot of people had some magic times at the Lodestar.”

The exhibition made up of poetry, art and memories which will take place at The Bureau Centre for the Arts in Blackburn from September 2 until 29.

Parts of the pub will be recreated for the exhibition.

Organisers are also appealing for people to share their stories and memories, which will be used for the exhibition and for its interactive website.

To find out more or contribute visit lodestar.online/lodestar.